BMW vs. Everyone

Many people drool over BMW’s.  Granted, they do have some good exterior styling and some kickin’ motors but they have a huge flaw. It’s taken a few years but this week I finally figured out what is wrong with the BMW brand.  THE INTERIOR.  They simply never look as good as the Lexus, Acura and Infiniti interiors with whom they compete.  Here’s my “expert” opinion… 

BMW’s interior looks like a $15,000 car’s interior in the way that all the dash components (radio/cd, climate controls, etc) look like “inserted, pop in” items.  In an Infiniti for example, the whole dash looks like one piece of equipment.  A BMW looks like some high school kid installed their own Panasonic CD player, a TomTom nav system and climate controls from a totaled junkyard car and air vents from a 1986 Ford Escort.  BMW thinks they can slap some premium walnut wood trim around these disjointed parts and make it a premium car. 

Now many of you will defend this trait of BMW by saying that it is a clean, uncluttered design.  I must say after my rantings, I can nearly accept that. You have a good point in regards to simple functionality in place of dozens of buttons and scroll wheels splattered everywhere. OK, you may think that was harsh but now the good news about BMW.  Their engines are only getting better!  The newest twin turbo V6, although still new to the market, appears to be bullet proof with awesome response from the 300 horses.  The 2 turbos eliminates most of the turbo lag since they are tuned to work at different speeds and therefore can cope with different driving situations.  BMW’s vehicles have not been the most reliable in the past but they seem to be coming out of that slump. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and wait.

Infiniti FX

Infiniti FX



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