Is There Anything Better?

“The MDX is the ultimate in performance, technology and style in the luxury SUV class,” said Dick Colliver, executive vice president, sales.
Acura MDX

I know.. kinda cheezy starting with a quote from a marketing director about his own car. But this is a little different; I agree with him. The MDX is at the top of my “Must have for 2008 list”. There is no vehicle better suited for life in New England than this amazing vehicle. I am making some bold statements here, but I will back them up. 

The MDX of course looks great. For a vehicle that seats 7 (that’s right…this beauty is a family car) this is one of the best looking vehicles out there. Who are we competing against? Ford Expedition?? Chevy Tahoe?? Seriously… the MDX is far superior to those vehicles in so many areas, and it looks much better.  Also, we have all heard about the legendary Acura AWD system. This is an absolute must for those living in winter states. The SH-AWD that comes standard with this MDX is awesome.

Of course, you have best in class power with the 3.7 liter V-6, and the active damper system for improved handling. This is a great vehicle! Oh yeah, and it is made by Honda so you know two things are true…great gas mileage, and awesome reliability. Can it get any better?

Come on…. Name me some vehicles that are more fun to drive, more reliable, fits the whole family, and you still look like a stud driving it! I bet you can’t… but if you think you can, comment!


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3 comments on “Is There Anything Better?
  1. Jon G says:

    Oh I don’t know. The Tata could hold it’s own. $2,500 to purchase it in India, seats 5, top speed of 75 mph, and if you upgrade to the more expensive version, you get the airbag, and air conditioning.

  2. Randy B. says:

    Seriously, at $40,000+ and with a 17 mph EPA, most “families” couldn’t afford it. So maybe you’d look like a stud driving it, but a family can’t live on Ramen Noodles….

  3. Jonathan L. - Motorpinion says:

    Granted, a $40,000 vehicle is much more than many families can handle. However, when you consider that a well equipped Toyota 4 Runner Limited starts at $35,000, the Acura MDX doesn’t seem too bad for a premium car. Also, you end up with a better on-road AWD system then in the Toyota being that most families will not be taking their $40,000 SUV off road and needing a locking differential. It is a win win providing that you have the money to spend…don’t we all?

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