Infiniti FX for ’09, a Whole New Cheetah

I have had a thing for Infiniti for a few years now including the original Infiniti FX all the way back to 2003. Now the 2009 model is in play and is all new both interior and exterior. I will admit the new exterior is an acquired taste – which I acquired like the original FX – but the interior is a beautiful masterpiece of simple but tech savvy style.

2009 Infiniti FXWhile I have not had the opportunity to drive the new ’09, Popular Mechanics took it for a spin through the the Hollywood Hills. Naturally they opted for the FX50 with its new 5.0 liter V8 with 390 hp and 369 lb.ft. of torque. The V6 in the FX35 is a respectable 303 hp, 3.5 liter toy; nothing to cry about (especially if you are already crying about your gas bill in your Honda Civic). All models come equipped with a new, standard 7-speed automatic transmission that is reported to be smooth even at low speeds. I will reserve my judgement until the day I demo.

As usual, Infiniti packs the new FX with enough tech to keep any electronics fanatic happy for years! The spec sheet includes options such as Intelligent Cruise and Distance Control, Around View Camera System, 11 speaker Bose audio system and an adaptive front lighting system.

To see the original review from Popular Mechanics, just click here.

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