No More BMW X6


Chances are that if you have seen the new BMW X6, you already have an opinion about its swooping lines and “coupe” like prowess. BMW refers to the X6 as a Sports Activity Coupe but I must disagree with automakers of late referring to 4 door cars or SUV’s as coupes. Regardless of my core beliefs of what a coupe is, the popularity of the X6 has been solidified by one fact that reported on this week…there are none left to buy in 2008. You would have had to be high on the preorder list with your dealer to get a shot at one since the whole 2008 supply is nearly exhausted.

Honestly this does not surprise me with the popularity of the Infiniti FX that debuted in 2003. Infiniti single-handily blazed the trail for this segment when they threw out some of the utility and infused heaps of sport into their creation. After 5 years of the BMW X5 competing with the Infiniti FX, BMW has finally realized this segment can make some money and will now target it with the X6, a vehicle boasting similar pedigree. Bad news for BMW is the Infiniti FX starts over $12,000 less.

What does this mean to you? If you have the $40,000 – $52,000 to slide into a base model of one of these beasts, it may now be tougher to choose with more blood in the water.

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