A Subaru and Toyota that looks very Mazda

As we know from my previous post, Car Manufacturers in Love, Subaru and Toyota have a stake in each other.  They have shared some tech and R&D in the past but not until 2011 have they ever conspired to design a car from the ground up. The names of these cars are still up in the air,  for our purposes we will settle on Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT-86 (Probably going to be a Scion to us in the States).

It is an odd move for Subaru to go with a RWD car in the States as they have built a company on their bulletproof Symmetrical AWD system. According to them, everyone knows they can make a great AWD car, now they want to throw their hat into the RWD ring. I guess I can’t argue. Toyota, on the other hand, is not so stuck on AWD but they are conversely dedicated to FWD in both their Toyota and Scion brands. What it comes down to for both Subaru and Toyota is this car will be a small step in opposite directions from their roots but a big step closer to each other.

With the demise of the Mazda RX-8, I have two concerns. Is there a market for both a nearly identical Subaru and Toyota? Is there a market for even one of them? Time will tell, but I sure do think that the 2 new cars look like a softened Mazda RX-8. Good move or not…voice your opinion in the Comment section below.

Subaru BRZ

Toyota GT-86

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One comment on “A Subaru and Toyota that looks very Mazda
  1. Randy says:

    Time will tell, but it will prove an interesting battle between Subaru and Toyota.

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