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A Subaru and Toyota that looks very Mazda

As we know from my previous post, Car Manufacturers in Love, Subaru and Toyota have a stake in each other.  They have shared some tech and R&D in the past but not until 2011 have they ever conspired to design a

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Nissan 370Z is a Gift

What more can be said than what has already been. We have not seen the fully unveiled 370Z except in the official Nissan released pictures. We will see the true production sports car, rumored to be around 350 hp, in November ’08 at

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Ford Initial Quality

I will be honest with you; Ford has never been my favorite brand. I do place Ford on the top of my favorite list for domestic car makers and I believe they will stay at the top of that list.

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Automotive Anti-Theft System

If you are on a budget because you have already spent all your dough on your dream car, you can save a few bucks with this new security system.  I personally recommend this system for all cars 1996 and newer as the

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