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’09 Nissan Maxima – Torque Steer?

 I am sure you have seen the newly redesigned Nissan Maxima for the “09 model year, if not in person than online. If you have ever driven a previous Maxima this decade you may have realized that, frankly, the exterior

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No More BMW X6

Chances are that if you have seen the new BMW X6, you already have an opinion about its swooping lines and “coupe” like prowess. BMW refers to the X6 as a Sports Activity Coupe but I must disagree with automakers

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Self Healing Paint…Finally!?

You read it right, self healing paint! We have been waiting ages for this on our cars. Is it finally here on the new Infiniti EX and FX?  Answer, Kinda’. Infiniti calls their new product the Infiniti Scratch Shield. However, it is not the

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